Becoming a member of Quick


You can become a member of Quick by filling out and signing the application form. You can either get the form from your coach or download it here. After signing, hand over the form to your coach or post it in the mailbox in the clubhouse. By filling out the form you give permission to Quick to transfer the membership fee from your dutch bank account ("Automatische incasso"). If you do not have a dutch bank account, please mention this on the form.

Ending your membership

Your membership will automatically be continued into the next season unless you contact the secretariat in writing or email before January 1. If you end your membership during the season there will be no restitution of (part of) the membership fee.

Membership fees

Membership fees, 2020

Baseball € 199,50 per year
Softball € 189,50 per year
Play both Baseball & Softball € 247 per year
Students € 152 per year*
Trainings only € 87 per year
Trainings only, student € 97 per year
Non-playing member € 69,50 per year
Halfway during season? reduced fees!

* -Please attach a copy of a valid proof of registration ("bewijs van inschrijving") from your university or hogeschool to your application form.